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Did you know that 47% of email recipients open email based on the subject line alone? At the same time, 68% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line.

Better language = more opens, clicks… and revenue. Phrasee optimises towards all three metrics and uses machine learning to, simply put, make you more money. Awesome. Awesome artificial intelligence. Phrasee learns from your customers’ response metrics. It quantifies and optimises language that makes your audience tick. So forget gut feel. Say hello to marketing language science. Your brand’s voice. Your brand isn’t generic… so why should your email marketing language be? Forget a stock database of spam phrases. We write language algorithms tailored to your brand, and no one else’s. Use with any ESP. Phrasee is ESP agnostic, and only takes 5 minutes per campaign. So long as you can run split tests, you’re good to go. And if you can’t, well, you got bigger problems than marketing language! Want to find out more? Book a demo with us now Book a demo

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Words you can add when it´s really important (but only when it´s really important, if you over use these words people will stop taking them seriously) : important, urgent

Good subject lines for online dating examples

Good subject lines for online dating examples